Thanksgiving K9 Feast

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One of our favorite traditions is making your pup a fresh, safe, and fun scrumptious K9 Thanksgiving Feast! This way, you can enjoy your meal and our fur-friends can have their own! They will bark back for more!

The full meal includes your choice of entree, a side of sweet paw-tatos & peas, a pumpkin muffin, a fall-inspired dessert, and an after-dinner puppermint scoop. Either entree choice will have you drooling for your pup’s meal!

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2018 MENU

ENTREE (Choice of One)
Apple Roasted Turkey (carved turkey slow roasted in a glaze of fresh apples and a hint of cinnamon)
Raspberry Bison Muttloaf (homemade with a scrumptious honey raspberry sauce)

Sweet Paw-tato & Peas
Pumpkin Muffin

A fall-inspired cookie and an after dinner puppermint scoop

Pick-up days/times (indicate choice when placing your order)

Monday, November 12 (hours 12p-7p)
Tuesday, November 13 (hours 12p-7p)
Friday, November 16 (hours 2p-7p)
Saturday, November 17(hours 8a-5p)
Sunday, November 18 (hours 8a-5p)
Monday, November 19 (hours 12p-7p)
Tuesday, November 20 (hours 12p-7p)
Wednesday, November 21 (special hours 2p-7p) Last Day to pick up.
CLOSED – Thursday, November 22 & Friday, November 23. We will re-open on Saturday, November 24 from 8a – 5p

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$5 off each meal for orders with 3 or more meals.

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Single Entree Choice

Apple Roasted Turkey, Raspberry Bison Muttloaf

Pick-Up Day

Monday, November 12 (hours 12p-7p), Tuesday, November 13 (hours 12p-7p), Friday, November 16 (hours 2p-7p), Saturday, November 17 (hours 8a-5p), Sunday, November 18 (hours 8a-5p), Monday, November 19 (hours 12p-7p), Tuesday, November 20 (hours 12p-7p), Wednesday, November 21 (special hours 2p-7p) Last Day to pick up.


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